8 Commits (f69a0d00e2becafa2c7043af15b9a211e527bd71)

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  spaghetti f69a0d00e2 Fully support unicode 3 years ago
  spaghetti c9b6bcf0be Rewrite screenshot adding in new torrents to use nicer SQL 4 years ago
  spaghetti c32c60ca8a Add support for prepared mysql statements 4 years ago
  spaghetti e650a1ab73 Code style: replace "array()" with "[]" 4 years ago
  spaghetti e51d6963b4 Miscellaneous changes to bring public repo in line with private 4 years ago
  ngxez 919182e493 Use feature flags for manipulating tracker settings (rather than DEBUG_MODE). 4 years ago
  ngxez 451326c0c9 Enhancements for DEBUG_MODE, allowing the site to run within Docker. 4 years ago
  spaghetti 539c742c20 Force mysql to use utf8 regardless of config 5 years ago
  spaghetti 52b2b2e219 Retab project 5 years ago
  spaghetti 3d9458b3d0 Initial commit 5 years ago