34 Commits (f69a0d00e2becafa2c7043af15b9a211e527bd71)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  spaghetti f69a0d00e2 Fully support unicode 3 years ago
  spaghetti c3a965fdee Remove references to third-party Push services 4 years ago
  spaghetti 9615b4f903 Create a seedtime table and a mysql trigger to update it 4 years ago
  spaghetti e5f97629bb Allow anonymous uploads 4 years ago
  spaghetti bb0f0d66d8 Remove forum thread autolocking 4 years ago
  spaghetti 61603a4c1b Remove tag voting 4 years ago
  spaghetti b0ffed7857 Add Universal Two Factor support 4 years ago
  spaghetti 3a702a41ec Add database column for PGP keys 4 years ago
  spaghetti 1f5cfb8dad Mysql Strict Mode: give LastPostID a default value 4 years ago
  spaghetti afe4203024 Add IP expunge requests 4 years ago
  spaghetti 9f7885546a Remove torrent group voting and similar artists 4 years ago
  spaghetti ab8f5976bb Add romanji titles to request table 4 years ago
  spaghetti 677c563c20 Update gazelle.sql for sphinx again 4 years ago
  spaghetti bc7fd2ed1c Update gazelle.sql for sphinx 4 years ago
  spaghetti 69c165ee75 Remove .txt torrent download option 4 years ago
  spaghetti 1612fcf6aa Support theme-color meta tag 4 years ago
  spaghetti b6b2095d52 Nicer looking login form 4 years ago
  spaghetti 7f74fe6e32 Typo in database schema 4 years ago
  spaghetti 9057aef556 Edit schema for new sphinx config changes 5 years ago
  spaghetti 1350784f87 Add Two-Factor Authentication 5 years ago
  ngxez ad7abee5c2 Allow Gazelle to run with mysql strict mode enabled. 5 years ago
  spaghetti fc17a24e2a Add missing columns to schema 5 years ago
  spaghetti c4a7ba16ee Give default database schema working stylesheets 5 years ago
  spaghetti 94b0cb058c Add DisablePromotion field to database schema 5 years ago
  spaghetti 60538d9ee8 Comply with MySQL strict mode 5 years ago
  spaghetti fe9cb0641d Generalize bonus points to be easily renamed 5 years ago
  spaghetti 4f61a4e40a Increase maximum string length of tag aliases 5 years ago
  spaghetti f1f5b2fd56 Allow for stylesheets to have optional "additions" 5 years ago
  spaghetti e92c724a07 this should have been part of 62b9da6 5 years ago
  spaghetti ba83225b19 Migrate to storing torrent files on the filesystem rather than the DB 5 years ago
  spaghetti 592dc5dc47 Repurpose site_options table for misc values 5 years ago
  spaghetti 0ac9a70f10 Remove references to artist concerts 5 years ago
  spaghetti 49e411acc8 Update schema 5 years ago
  spaghetti 30dd71f445 Rename database schema 5 years ago
  spaghetti 3d9458b3d0 Initial commit 5 years ago